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Purpose: To engage the Black American public in discussion trader en ligne gratuit and dialogue, about forces
which inform or misinform our individual and collective perspective on race, culture, theology, religion, logic and reason.

In the tradition of Hubert Henry Harrison the noted free thinker of the 1920 era, we intend to promote free thought among the Black American public to increase their awareness and their capacity to gain a deeper plateforme de trading, understanding of the belief system(s) of their ancestors and the religion of their oppressors, as a result of their enslavement, here and abroad.

We proudly walk in the shadow of Asa Philip Randolph and Zora Neale Hurston who labored long and hard, without just compensation and monetary reward for the cause of free inquiry into all matters of significance.

Many of the Black American men and women of great distinction, were free thinkers, agnostics, atheist and humanist, yet very little is written or said about their life stance trading en ligne on religion, God or the after-life. It is amazing that Arturo Schomburg's legacy as a Humanist is never mentioned in all of the literature coming out of the prestigious library named in his honor. Equally amazing is the omission of the views of Dr. Carter G. Woodson on religion, and that Negro History Week was started by him. Nonetheless they along with many others, whose love and respect have through word and deed left a trail which we can follow. To name a few, Frederick Douglas, W.E.B. DuBois, Lorraine Hansberry and Gwendolyn Brooks.

We urge you to visit our website and voice your opinion on this important subject.

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